Life and Death: 3 MyGoodbyes Party Themes

Life and Death: 3 MyGoodbyes Party Themes

An MGB host can be the life (and death) of the party / 3 ways to be the life (and death) of the party

It’s been a tough couple of years for the party. Through the lockdowns we’ve missed the life-affirming, restorative power of getting together and sharing good food and good times with the ones we love. Parties let us take care of each other, reminding us of what makes our friends and family such great company and making new memories in the process. 

That said, whether it’s turning up too early, staying out too late, or energetic dad-dancing, there are plenty of ways a party can go from awesome to awkward, none more difficult than an elephant in the room — a universal thing that everyone knows about but tries to ignore in the hope that it’ll go away. Hosting a MyGoodbyes party is our way to promote death positivity by acknowledging the elephant and using end-of-life planning as an excuse for a themed get-together! 

Perfect for a summer celebration, the classic afternoon tea party is a British institution, and a wonderful chance to get conversation flowing. Pile cakes and scones high on tiered stands, steep loose-leaf tea in a teapot, set out your finest China (or nip to your local charity shop for teacups and saucers — mismatched crockery is forgivable amongst friends!) and don’t forget to trim the crusts from your triangular sandwiches! Napkins, doilies and a billowing tablecloth will complete the look, and because all of the food will be prepped beforehand, you and your guests can look forward to a relaxing afternoon catching up and enjoying each other’s company. (Raised little fingers are entirely optional.)

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For something a little more theatrical, you could opt for a roaring 1920s-style Great Gatsby soiree — art deco styling, vintage suits, flapper dresses, champagne and cocktails, in an intimate yet opulent party. Suppliers can hire everything you’ll need, or you can do it yourself, getting everyone on-board for a bold, vibrant and fun celebration. The spirit of the 20s was embodied by change, modernity and uninhibited freedom from tradition, so what better way to put the usual hushed and sombre talk about death behind us than dressing up to the nines and living like we mean it?

Last on our list of party inspiration is an event that’s been going for thousands of years, and is observed annually by millions of people in Mexico and beyond. Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) is a fantastic theme to bring death positivity to your party because it’s rooted not in mourning, but in honouring and celebrating the lives of family and friends while recognising the unity of life and death together. Guests get involved by making vivid paper decorations like banners and fans, wearing bright colourful costumes and flower garlands, and having their faces painted with floral sugar-skulls as you come together to share treasured stories and memories. Mexicans traditionally believe that part of life is preparing us for the next world, and that Dia de los Muertos is an important way of celebrating our relationship with the dead so it’s a fitting theme for a MyGoodbyes party! People can bring gifts and homemade dishes to be shared in an uplifting and joyful reunion, and the feast should be rounded off with sweet favours from papier mache piñatas.

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How you theme it is up to you, but hosting a MyGoodbyes party lets you set the agenda for your end of life while taking away the stigma that too often accompanies conversations about death. We’ll help with topics, ideas and activities to get people talking so that you, your family and friends can enjoy being present and together. You’ll have a better understanding of each other’s wishes, you’ll be better prepared for what’s to come in the future, but most importantly, you’ll have a good time in the process, with people you love!