Planting Memories with Forget Me Not Seeds #ForgetMeNotChallenge

Planting Memories with Forget Me Not Seeds #ForgetMeNotChallenge

At our stand at the Legal Geek conference, we will be providing Forget Me Not seeds to the attendees. For us, Forget Me Nots represent remembering and leaving a lasting legacy. These beautiful and timeless flowers are symbolic, and growing them can be a powerful representation of how we want to be remembered. In this blog post, we’ll share more about how to plant your Forget Me Not seeds, why leaving a legacy is so important, and why growing something can be a beautiful representation of life. Join our #ForgetMeNotChallenge and tell us what 3 words to best describe how you want to be remembered?

Forget Me Not seeds are known for their dainty sky-blue petals with yellow centres, which make them one of the most popular wildflowers around the world. Growing these seeds is easy. Firstly, find a sunny spot where you want to sow the seeds. If you’re planting in a pot, ensure that there are holes for proper drainage. Secondly, mix the seeds with some soil before sowing them thinly. Sow them in early spring, summer or early autumn, and water them regularly. After a couple of weeks, you’ll see your little green plants sprouting up. Wait until the flowers have bloomed before you decide to cut them or sow new seeds.

Leaving a legacy is an essential part of human life. It is a way of ensuring that our memories and legacy last beyond our physical existence. When we leave a legacy behind, we pass on the lives we have lived, the lessons we have learned and the love we have shared. Having a legacy gives a sense of belongingness, connection, and resilience to life. In a world that often challenges us with endless struggles, having a legacy to hold on to, or to pass down, can provide us with a sense of meaning and purpose.

Growing something and leaving a legacy can be synonymous with each other. When we plant and nurture a seed, we are creating something that grows and builds over time. It connects us to nature and reminds us that life can come full circle in its own time. A flower such as Forget Me Not represents life in many ways – beauty, growth, change, and impermanence. Planting Forget Me Not seeds means we commit ourselves to something that will evolve over time.

When we garden, we sometimes reconnect with something beyond ourselves. It may be a sense of spirituality, or a feeling of connection with mother nature. Growing a plant from seed to flower is a way of attaining renewal – both of the plant’s life and our own inner selves. It offers us a sense of creative expression and growth, which can be therapeutic and fulfilling in many ways.

Planting Forget Me Not seeds is symbolic of leaving a lasting legacy. They represent the need for remembrance and hope for eternity. Growing something and passing it to others is an acknowledgment of the impermanence of life, and finding something beautiful in it. We at MyGoodbyes hope that planting these seeds brings more meaning and connection to your lives. It’s a way to remind yourself that every moment counts, and that growing something can be a beautiful representation of life’s journey.

How To Grow

Forget-Me-Not are started from seed, directly sow the seeds into your flower garden after all danger of frost. Or, for earlier blooms, start them indoors a few weeks before the last frost in your area. Cover lightly with 1/8″ of garden soil. Space them 4-5 inches apart and thin seedlings to 10″ apart. Perennial Forget-Me-Nuts can be propagated by separating clumps of established plants. Days to Germination: 8 – 14.