The Party has just begun

MyGoodbyes Party is designed to help tackle potentially difficult topics in a fun and safe environment.

What is a MyGoodbyes Party?

It’s the opportunity to explore and share each other’s end of life wishes with friends and family in a positive and celebratory environment. There are 4 modules to complete with 3 questions to each section for you to discuss. Check out the supporting documents and videos below. 

Why its important?

It can be difficult to talk about death, especially when making real plans for what’s ahead, and sharing your wishes with friends and family. Stigma means it’s not a topic of conversation we have every day, but with a MyGoodbyes Party you get to have fun whilst discussing a really important topic which can help everyone when you die. 

“Helping my family understand my wishes in such a fun way, doing the party really made the experience so much more enjoyable. The questions made it a more pleasant experience for us all & we learnt so much about each other.”

David – MyGoodbyes Party host

Why you should have a MyGoodbyes Party

Because we don’t often talk about death, it can be hard to broach the subject.

Its FREE to download and complete! 

A MyGoodbyes Party starts the conversation for you, and gives you the opportunity to find out your friends and family’s wishes in a fun environment. 

Supporting documents


We recommend you have between 2 and 6 people to get the best experience but there is nothing stopping you completing the Party by yourself or with more than 6 people. 

This all depends on how much you all have to say.  As a minimum it will take at least 45mins to complete but the world is your oyster and you can make it as last as long as you want it to. 

You can host a MyGoodbyes Party at home, restaurant, park.  It is entirely up to you and your guests.  The MyGoodbyes Party can be completed anywhere you feel comfortable doing so.  All you need is your phone or the printed questions and pens. 


How to be the life of the Party!

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Day of the Dead themed Party

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