Passing on a Family Name: Creating a Lasting Legacy 

Passing on a Family Name: Creating a Lasting Legacy 

They say a name is a gift, a legacy that carries through time. Today, I want to share the story behind my own middle name and how it represents a connection between generations. Hi I am Faye Nora Temperley.  Faye comes from a character from The Bill and Grange Hill but Nora, that comes from my nanna.  

It all began on the eve of my nanna’s birthday. My lovely mum, Elizabeth, excited to celebrate her nan’s special day, was ready to join the festivities. But life had its own plan. I, being the stubborn soul that I am (if you know me, you know!), decided to make a grand entrance. But in true stubborn style, instead of sharing a birthday with my nanna, I held on tight until the day after, ensuring that we each had our own special day. 

As fate would have it, my middle name became Nora—a heartfelt tribute to my remarkable nanna. It is an honour to share her name and all that she embodies. My nanna was a fire cracker by all accounts.  I don’t remember much about her as I was still quite young when she died but when I see the smile on my mums face when she talks about her, I know she was the strength and love for the family.  She also loved a game of bingo so I take that from her too.  With every utterance of my name, I carry her spirit, her love, and her legacy forward.  Or at least I hope I do. 

Picture of my nanna.

This experience has taught me the incredible power of passing on a family name. It’s not just a label; it’s an invitation to really reflect and appreciate our heritage, to keep our loved ones close, and to forge a lasting legacy. Through our names, we connect the dots of our family story, preserving our shared values and honouring those who came before us.  I used to think that I wanted to be my own person and being named after someone else stopped that but in reality it made me appreciate it more and see warmth from it.

So today, I invite you to reflect on the significance of your own name. Embrace it, celebrate it, and consider the profound impact it carries.  Do you know the meaning about your name, why your parents picked it, are you named after someone? Let’s pass on our family names with pride, knowing that they carry a heritage that will endure for generations to come. Let our names be a testament to love, resilience, and the unbreakable bond of family. 

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