Write your own AI-enhanced obituary

Write your own AI-enhanced obituary

What happens when you write your own AI-enhanced obituary? James at MyGoodbyes tried it out using chatGPT – providing the AI with all the facts and stories of his life – to see what happened. 

Tired of worrying about what will happen to all your important information once you’re gone? With advances in artificial intelligence, it’s now easier than ever to ensure that your loved ones are prepared for the future without losing your precious memories.

Here’s what we found out

Writing your own obituary can be a morbid yet strangely cathartic experience. With modern AI technology, you now have an even easier way to write out your own goodbye message to the world before you depart. Obituaries are normally written after death, but by crafting it ahead of time, you provide your loved ones with an accurate portrait of who you were in life and also get some insights into what you have achieved. 

There is something peaceful about allowing AI to take on this task for you and enjoy a sense of closure prior to your passing. By writing your own obituary beforehand with the help of AI, it allows your story to shine brighter in death than when you were alive.

And AI isn’t all that bad at it – here is the output for James’ obituary:

“Growing up on a picturesque farm outside of Stratford offered James a unique appreciation for nature and hard work. He could watch the vibrant sunrise over the rolling hills every morning, seeing nature come alive as he prepared to take care of the animals. When James moved to London for university, he had an exciting new experience taking in all the bustle of London life. But his heart belonged to being back in the country – even London wasn’t able to replace that feeling. After university, James decided to settle down in the stunning Cotswold countryside, reviving his old love affair with nature while returning to those roots that made him feel so tranquil. London was an unforgettable part of his life, but he knew that the Cotswolds was where he wanted to stay planted and call home.”

“James was a man of many passions, a born again Londoner in his youth. He found a love of bike riding in London’s bustling streets as well as winding countryside paths at weekends. Although he also had a need for more adventures, that’s when his lifelong love of German culture came into play; he would pack his bike away and off he went to explore the many cobbled lanes, museums, bars and biergartens of Berlin. And when the call for adventure hit him even harder, no terrain was too tough or too wild for James – an absolute Landrover fan if there ever was one – so he’d seek the Mosel trails with his beloved 4×4 always at hand!”

“James had a busy but rewarding London lifestyle: working as a lawyer and running a successful picture framing business in his free time. However, when 2022 rolled around, he knew it was time to take the next step. After months of planning and hard work, James’ tech startup officially opened for business. He could barely contain his excitement as he watched his newfound venture come to life — the result of all that devotion and dedication! Perhaps this was one of his proudest moments yet – a true testament to all of his hard work paying off!”

Feeling pretty zen? Why not take the opportunity to write your own AI-enhanced obituary?

Useful for reflection, but needs a bit of fact checking

Taking the time to write your own AI-enhanced obituary provides an excellent opportunity to focus your attention on what you have accomplished in life and what you still have yet to do, as well as the importance of living a fulfilled life. AI generated obituaries are particularly useful because they offer a unique insight as to how you might one day be remembered, allowing you to use that knowledge to work towards your goals so that when the time comes, your AI written obituary can be praised for its accuracy. And who better than you to fact check your own life story?!

We invite everyone to take the AI challenge and write your own AI-enhanced obituary so you can gain greater clarity about the impact of your life’s work. With AI now freely available, it is easier than ever to reflect on your own journey and plan accordingly!

Write your own AI-enhanced obituary today!

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