Why are people scared to talk about “Dying Well”?

Why are people scared to talk about “Dying Well”?

“Dying Well” is a phrase that is often used, but what does it actually mean? Some people might say that it means dying without pain, while others might believe that it means having control over your death. Regardless of how you define “dying well,” one thing is for sure: nobody wants to talk about it. Why is that? Is it because we’re scared of death or because we don’t want to think about our own mortality? Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to discuss the concept of “dying well” and what it means to each of us. After all, nobody knows when their time will come and it’s better to be prepared than not.

1. What is “dying well”?

“Dying well” does not necessarily mean having an easy or pain-free death, but rather dying without fear and with dignity; “dying well” means accepting death with courage. Although talking about dying may make people uncomfortable, “dying well” can provide comfort in the face of inevitable mortality and help individuals find purpose even in death.  

2. Why are people scared to talk about it?

Death is an inevitable part of life that inevitably brings up feelings of fear, anxiety and discomfort. Some feel they will lose control over their own lives once they start discussing “dying well,” which can cause feelings of unease and dread as they plan for something they cannot control or predict. Conversations surrounding “dying well” may remain uncomfortable for many people; however, preparedness goes a long way to smoothen the transition for those left behind. You can check our article regarding “The challenges of talking about death” here. Alternatively, you can read more on this topic here.

3. How can we make the process of dying easier for everyone involved?

While there is no definitive answer, we can start by creating more open conversations around death and “dying well.” Allowing ourselves to share our fears and concerns so that we can come together to support each other is imperative in helping us gain courage and strength through one of life’s most trying events. 

4. What happens after you die?

People often find it difficult to talk about death due to its inherent finality and uncertainty, leaving many afraid of facing their own mortality. “Dying well” gives individuals the chance to consider how they want to leave the world when their time passes, enabling them to feel more at peace with death. 

5. Final thoughts

Although it’s difficult–and even scary–to talk about death, addressing “dying well” can bring tremendous comfort to people facing their own mortality. Every person deals differently with impending death, but having conversations that recognize it as a part of life can help us face our deaths with more love, less fear and a greater sense of connectedness to each other.