The Briefing: Gill Hogg on the life of a Will Writer

The Briefing: Gill Hogg on the life of a Will Writer

Gill works for The Will Guys, a family run business based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne:

In my previous life I was a PE teacher (I managed 23 years in total) working in Walker, Newcastle, at the High School there.  When I was getting divorced my mum kept saying I should do a Will.  No one told me why this was so important, let alone the fact I had two wee kids at the time too, so not only should I have done a Will to exclude my then husband, I should have had a Will to name guardians for my children!

I absolutely love my job and love the fact it makes ‘writing a Will’ far more accessible for ‘everyone’.  This means we can meet clients face to face, in the comfort of their own home, do the appointment via a video link, or even meet in our offices. 

Why would you use a ‘Will Writer’ rather than a solicitor?  Well, I guess this is down to personal preference.  However, I will say (excuse the pun), that I write Wills every day, whereas most solicitors will specialise in other areas and offer Will writing as part of their service.

I guess another factor to consider is the cost.  How much will it be to use myself, the Will Writer compared to the solicitor. You will normally find that Will Writers are cheaper.  Not only that but we are experts in our field.  I also answer lots of questions and this doesn’t cost the client any more money.  I often find myself over the weekend replying to messages or even picking up the phone to my clients.  I believe that our service is more personable.  However much time is required to spend with the client/s, we are happy to support them and this doesn’t cost the client any more money.

Hopefully this has helped you understand how accessible having your Will written can be… so having no time is no excuse nowadays!!