Book Review: Ashes To Admin

Book Review: Ashes To Admin

Author:  Evie King

Imagine a life without the presence of family or friends; you sadly pass away alone and your life remains unrecognised, neglected as if never to be heard again.  Thanks to Evie King an inspiring local council worker in charge of carrying out Section 46 funerals under the Public Health Act, these individuals’ lives are not forgotten (and other Council Funeral Officers of course!).

‘Ashes to Admin’ lifts the coffin lid on those extraordinary personal stories that have been so often left unheard. King brings us face-to-face with these unusual circumstances that touch on life and death together in unexpected ways. From tragic stories like an unidentified woman found on a beach without even her name being recorded, to uplifting tales that illustrate the beauty of celebrating someone’s life against all odds; this remarkable book promises readers an insight into fulfilling a job they may not have heard of before.

Read on for a remarkable discovery into our world of mourning and sorrow through King’s compassionate words!

Takeaway One

King makes you consider the pros and cons of age.  Referring to one of her people ‘She had evidently, at 99 years old, outlived everyone. A downside to longevity that people sometimes don’t consider, and something that is striven for blindly in our life-at-all-costs culture.’ This really jumped out at me, as I often feel that people focus on lifespan and not the value and quality of life we have. 

Takeaway Two

‘Death is a great motivator and, ironically, life coach’ there is so much truth in this.  Personally, the more that I’ve spent time considering my mortality and preparing for it, the more I realise what I want to acheive.

Do take some time out to read this book, it’s a quick read and laugh out load funny at points. 

Highly recommended