TV Series Review: It’s a Sin

TV Series Review: It’s a Sin

Creator:  Russell T Davis

Featuring: Olly Alexander, Nathaniel Curtis, Shaun Dooley, Omari Douglas, Lydia West, Keeley Hawes, Stephen Fry, Neil Patrick Harris, Callum Scott Howells

“It’s a Sin: A Heartbreaking and Important Must-Watch”

“It’s a Sin” is an exceptionally powerful and deeply emotional TV show that left an indelible mark on my heart. It takes viewers on a poignant journey through the lives of a group of young friends during the devastating AIDS crisis in the 1980s.

The show’s writing, helmed by the talented Russell T Davies, is masterful. It skillfully weaves together humour, joy, love and heartbreak, capturing the vibrant spirit of youth juxtaposed with the heartbreaking reality of the epidemic. The dialogue is sharp, poignant, and often filled with raw vulnerability, making it impossible not to become deeply invested in the characters’ lives.

The performances in “It’s a Sin” are nothing short of exceptional. Each actor brings a remarkable authenticity to their role, making the characters feel like real people with hopes, dreams, flaws, and fears. From the magnetic charisma of Ritchie (Olly Alexander) to the quiet strength of Jill (Lydia West) and the heartbreaking vulnerability of Colin (Callum Scott Howells) (my personal favourite), the entire ensemble delivers standout performances that will stay with you long after the final credits roll.

What sets “It’s a Sin” apart is its unflinching exploration of the LGBTQ+ experience and the devastation wrought by AIDS. It shines a spotlight on the stigma, discrimination, and lack of understanding that defined that era, while also celebrating the resilience, love, and support within the community. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of empathy, education, and acceptance.

The show’s exceptional production values, including the nostalgic and immersive period setting, the evocative soundtrack, and the meticulously crafted costumes, further enhance the viewing experience. It’s a visually stunning and emotionally resonant journey that captures the essence of the 1980s with incredible attention to detail.

“It’s a Sin” is not an easy watch, as it confronts themes of loss, prejudice, and mortality. It will break your heart, make you cry, and leave you deep in thought. However, it is an essential watch that honours the memory of those who were lost and reminds us of the ongoing fight for acceptance and equality.

In conclusion, “It’s a Sin” is a profoundly moving, beautifully acted, and thought-provoking masterpiece. It educates, inspires empathy, and sparks important conversations. Prepare to be moved, challenged, and forever changed by this extraordinary TV show.

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Highly recommended