Consultancy for business

Consultancy for business

A Financial Institution approached us to support with the rollout of a digital product called for end-of-life planning. The solution allowed customers to store important documentation securely and outline their wishes for end-of life-planning, to be shared with loved ones and was completely free. 
The key ask was to ensure that staff were informed and comfortable speaking to customers about the new offering. This was especially important, as it touched on end-of-life planning, which could be a sensitive topic for some customers.  

We were in a unique position in the marketplace to help, as they are the only organisation in the UK specialising in training people in this field.  
Over several sessions, around 200 Managers were guided through a ‘End of Life Conversation Training’. These were held on Zoom for a duration of 45-60 minutes. The main aim being to help PBM’s feel more capable and comfortable when conducting end-of-life conversations.  

Results showed an increase in confidence overall, with several individuals sharing that the conversation had prompted them to think about their own plans. 

Polls were conducted before and after each session, answering the following questions: 
Agree, Strongly Agree or Disagree with the following: 

  • Do you think talking about end of life is a good idea? 
  • How comfortable do you feel talking about death in general? 
  • How confident and comfortable talk to your customers about their death? 

The results of the polls showed that 90% of attendees had increased their knowledge, comfortableness and confidence about talking about this subject. 

Qualitative feedback for the training was also strong. Many remarked that this was an important topic, about something that happens to everyone that they had not received before. Comments were made such as ‘outstanding’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘very grateful’ . 

A decision was taken that the content of the Solution would be turned into resources on the website, so that customers could be directed there instead of needing to register for the Solution.  
Two further successful training sessions were completed with the emphasis on this.  

The intention is for this kind of training to continue to be a part of the Managers learning and development pathways, to ensure that Financial Institution Group continues to do right by its customers who may be facing bereavement and other vulnerabilities.   

The consultancy training was delivered by Jane Duncan Rogers from Before I Go Solutions