Why I am planning my funeral at 35 years old

grayscale photo of flower field

I know that sounds morbid, but bear with me. You see, I am very aware of my own mortality. I know that death is inevitable, and that one day I will have to say goodbye to this world. And so, I have decided to plan my funeral while I am still alive. This way, I can be sure that everything is done exactly the way I want it to be. I can choose the music, the readers, the flowers, and even the eulogy. And when the time comes, my loved ones won’t have to worry about a thing – they can simply focus on celebrating my life.

So yes, planning my funeral might seem a little strange. But to me, it’s just another way of ensuring that everything is taken care of – even after I’m gone.

Things to think about:

  • What mood will your funeral have?
  • Do you want a celebration or a simpler affair?
  • What stories from your life do you want remembered?