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Death Anxiety

Death anxiety is a common and deeply personal experience that can evoke intense emotions and existential contemplation. Fortunately, there are numerous resources available to help individuals cope with this universal fear. Therapy, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) or existential therapy, can offer a supportive and non-judgemental space to explore and understand one’s feelings about mortality.

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Death Café

Support groups provide a sense of community and solidarity, allowing individuals to share their experiences and learn from others who have faced similar fears.

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Books, Videos & Media

Additionally, self-help books and online resources often provide practical strategies and mindfulness techniques to manage anxiety and cultivate a healthier perspective on life and death.

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Meditation, yoga, and other mind-body practices can also be beneficial in fostering a sense of inner acceptance. By accessing these diverse resources, individuals can find solace and develop resilience in the face of existential uncertainties.

Grief & Bereavement

What to do after someone dies: Bereavement help and support – GOV.UK (