Dying Matters Week

We hosted our event on Friday 10 May and was joined by a panel of industry experts to discuss end of life planning and how asking the right questions can sometimes help with navigating a difficult conversations.

Every year, people around the UK use Dying Matters Awareness Week as a moment to encourage all communities to get talking in whatever way, shape or form works for them.

This year’s theme was, ‘The way we talk about Dying Matters’, focuses on the language that we use, and conversations we have, around death and dying – specifically between healthcare professionals and patients, their carers and their families.

Our event started with a MyGoodbyes Party, its a great demonstration of how we can tackle the ‘taboo’ topic with friends and family by asking some questions to break the ice. Then Jane and Leonora hosted a breakout room on the practicalities of dying and end of life planning. Vicki also hosted a breakout room about the legalities around end of life planning.

Our Panel

Some useful resources

Dying Matters Awareness Week | Hospice UK

End of Life Planning Tools, courses and professional training (beforeigosolutions.com)

Death Cafe

Interested in a career in the death industry?

At Before I Go and MyGoodbyes, we help to educate, encourage and enable people to prepare well for end of life. We have an end of life planning facilitator training programme to help you become a certified end of life facilitator. This means helping people to put comprehensive end of life plans in place.

Find out more: Licensed Facilitators Information Session • Before I Go Solutions

We will be hosting our information session on 15 March at 7.30pm. Why not register and find out more.